H2 – Things That Make Me Say „Thank You!“ – English Camp

Life can be tough sometimes. I want to tell you stories about things that give me hope and make me say „Thank you!“

Stories about people who experienced change.

From grumpy to content,

From  mean to helpful,

from despaired to hopeful.

Maybe you will find some hope and something to be thankful for in those stories.

5 Jahre English-Camp auf dem Kirschkamperhof. Awesome! Auch in diesem Jahr wird’s wieder colorful und exciting. Freue dich auf dein Camp!

Teilnahmealter: 12-17 Jahre


Tillman Hönig

H2 is going to be the most special camp on Kirschkamperhof! We will have great fun with diverse hobby groups, exciting story times, great games and hilarious shows. That's certainly the coolest way you can think of to both enjoy an awesome camp week and improve your English!


Frank Bonkowski

Summer Camps are nice and cozy. H2 will be an adventure and if you survive you will be able to tell great stories. I am looking forward to see you there.

H2 2017 - English Camp

28.10.2017 - 04.11.2017

für nur 190,- €