S3 2016 – Das English-Camp

What words or stories can you use to describe the creator of everything?
Maybe you have been mad at Him, because He doesn‘t do the things you expect a GOD to do?
Maybe you think He is boring and has little to do with your life?
Maybe He is different than you think?
This week we want to try and describe the One who is indescribable, because how we think about God impacts how we feel and think and live.

Das English-Camp auf dem Kirschkamperhof geht in die vierte Runde. Nach der „Immersive Learning“-Methode entdecken die Camper spielerisch die Sprache. “Immersive Learning” heißt: Es gibt keinen Englisch-Unterricht, kein Vokabel-Lernen und keine Grammatikstunden, sondern wir sprechen einfach Englisch. Unser Ziel: Die Angst vor der Sprache zu verlieren. Deswegen sind Englisch-Kenntnisse auch nur halb so wichtig wie der Mut, einfach mal drauflos zu sprechen. Mit dabei: Einige Native English Speaker.

Für Camper ab 12 Jahre!


Anna Blume

You don't want to miss our English Camp! I'm so excited that we get to spend a whole week with each other! By listening to old stories, making new memories and friends, and adventuring around the camp we will kill two birds with one stone: Having the best time in summer and trying to learn some more English. Come and bring your friends! See ya at S3!


Frank Bonkowski

So looking forward to hang out with you. There will be sun and friends and fun and that awesome, awkward moment, when you decide to say something profound in English!

S3 - English-Camp

23.07.2016 - 30.07.2016

für nur 190,00 €